Empowering women to find the power in their story.

My Purpose


I have devoted my life to helping women change theirs.

 I am personally acquainted with what it takes to heal and make something out of what appears to be nothing.  That place of fear and nothingness is where your voice and your power is born. You are not alone on the road to becoming your best self.

I am here to help.



 As a survivor of sexual, mental and physical abuse, Venus Chandler, at one point felt her most precious commodity ( her voice) had been taken away from her. Through years of struggle and feelings of defeat, Venus made a vow to be silent no longer.  She began speaking out against not only crimes perpetrated against her, but as an advocate and champion for women and men who felt powerless and victimized often by the very hands of those who were supposed to be protectors instead of predators.

Through her writing and advocacy for those who've experienced trauma, Venus erases the stigma associated with being a survivor of abuse. Her message is clear, "You are not your past, you are worthy of love and good things and most importantly, you are not alone."

Venus is a staunch believer in community, we must do the work of healing and empowering one another together. She has created several platforms where you can share your struggles and know that there are people ready to listen and are invested in your success.  

Venus, has done all of the heavy lifting and is sharing her story so you can bypass the pitfalls that one can face when trying to heal alone. She is cultivating an army of survivors that are using their story to give back to others in need.      

Residing in Paramount, California, Venus is the proud mother and grandmother to 3 children and 3 grandchildren. Her professional career spans from 33 dedicated years of nursing at various medical facilities such as Lynwood Healthcare Center, Los Angeles Community Hospital, California Post Acute and currently holding a LVN position as a Nurse manager at Lighthouse Healthcare Center for the past 4 years. Venus is a published author, motivational speaker, and lover of fashion.  As the owner of Vgol fashions an online clothing and accessory boutique, she uses her fashion sense to give back to women who are in need of clothing when trying to rejoin the work force. 

Having released her autobiography entitled “A Silent Scream” an autobiography.   She is living proof you can go after all of your dreams and achieve them one by one.  


How can you help?

If you have a passion and commitment for the advancement and empowerment of women.  Join us by sharing your story or resources for this most worthy endeavor.  When women thrive in all areas of life the world is a better place for everyone.